believe everyone has a story that is worthy to be told
have three of the sweetest and most hysterical kids around
have been documenting wedding stories since 2006!
make espresso (from our favorite local roaster) every day
could live off bread, wine and cheese (when Kelly isn't eating Paleo)
eat meals outside as much as possible
love to explore new places
feel complete around a full dinner table
are always on a treasure hunt for the best light
like to photograph people who make stuff (drift journal)
strive to live our lives full of wonder, excitement, and joy
have received grace upon grace
believe true love never fails

kelly says RAY...
is a dreamer, explorer
is constantly updating our backyard pirate ship tree fort
has owned a boa constrictor, monkey, sugar glider, gecko,...
comes from a family that re-defines "big". the brady bunch? not big.
dreams about powering our house with the sun and bike pedals
lives in screen printed t-shirts
is a shy extrovert
is the most kind and patient man I know

ray says KELLY...
acts like she's no-nonsense, but it's a facade.
...deep down, she laughs at all my lame (read: hilarious) jokes
hides dark chocolate in locations only known to her
grew up a dancer, it's her goal to make our kids love dance parties
loves finding spelling errors (usually made by me)
makes her own deodorant (yep.)
is an outgoing introvert
loves inviting people into our home

If you'd like to see more photos of us, you can visit our blog. :)

<---photo of us, courtesy of our son at the age of 7 :)