You are really excited about your wedding and want it to be unique. But more importantly, you're so excited to just be married!

Photography is one of the highest priorities of your wedding and you want images that capture the spirit and story of the day. Not poses, not shot lists*, but reality, artistically captured on camera.

You want your wedding to take place in beautiful, non-traditional places that are full of light (and most likely outdoors!).

You don't mind breaking the unwritten wedding rules, and stepping outside of tradition to create a beautiful story that illustrates you as a couple.

You like to smile. And believe that smiling makes you more beautiful.

Our couples treat us as more than just another wedding vendor. We care about our couples as friends and they care about us. You understand that if you let us into your lives, your images will be better because of it.

If you like what you've seen in our galleries and many of these things describe you, we think we would be a great fit!

If you feel like you connect with us and our work, we would LOVE to hear from you!
- Ray + Kelly

A few words (read: soapbox) about family photos and shot lists:

We always take group photos at weddings. Promise, we do. We get asked this a lot because, as you’ll see, there are none displayed on our website or blog. The reasoning for not displaying these is mostly personal preference but also because we don’t see too much artistic direction needed for these types of photos. Also, it’s not one of our strengths to gather a group of people for a portrait together. We’ve noticed that when we need to flex these muscles our other creative muscles get weaker and then all those amazing photos that you might see and love on the rest of our portfolio, well. Here’s the sad truth, they just don’t show up as much.

So, that being said, we try to be extremely efficient when it comes to group photos (for both the stress levels of the bride/groom and their families.) If you are planning to have an extensive list (our definition of extensive = more than 10 groupings) of family photos done, we might not be the best people for you.

All this to say, if you love our work, yet you foresee needing lots of family photos, please still connect with us! But please tell us up front. We so appreciate it.